At Netronica-IT we believe in doing things the right way.

We are a small technology consultancy based in London, we specialise in web technologies and can help provide your organisation with the right software solutions. Our focus is on reliability, scalibility and maintainability.


We can help with cloud computing, it will cut uneccesary overheads and significantly boost efficiency: with scalibility and development.


With our ecommerce experience, we can help you all the way from dealing with high transaction volumes to the latest security practices.


We believe in agile and follow the best development practices. Coding to SOLID principles, using TDD/BDD, continious integration and delivery.


Our technology expertise will help your product succeed, during and after development. We can assist with setting up KPIs, logging, monitoring and alerts.

Our Work

Our Work

We have had the pleasure of working with the following organisations over the years

Who We Are

Who we are

Ivan Marx


Founder, director and development

Ivan's has experience with C#, .NET, Javascript, SQL and web technology in general.

His focuses is on achieving solutions with continuous delivery/deployment and finding ways of improving code. He is a strong believer in SOLID principles, TDD and DDD in order to make code easier to read and maintain.

Melissa Ridderhof


Director and development

Melissa has over a decade of commercial development experience, and is skilled at analysing and predicting potential benefits and complications in various solutions.

Asside from development, she has experience leading teams and liaising with business analysts to isolate the business requirements and produce consistent results.

Contact us

Contact us

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